Fruit Tea Jelly

My two kids were recently hit with fever and sore throats. As such, my 4-year-old was very curious about the body and its workings. Mommy and Daddy had to explain that her body is fighting off the bad germs so that is why it is creating a hot environment to kill the icky stuff.

Giada: Are the good germs white?

Daddy: Yes. (Thinking about white blood cells at this point)

Giada: What colour are the bad germs?

Daddy: Ummm, they are many different colours. Sometimes they are green, sometimes yellow…(Thinking about infection and pus at this point)

Giada: Will the good germs win? What if it doesn’t?

Daddy: Your body will always win, Giada. Because God made our living bodies perfect.

I listened to this conversation and I started thinking about how fortunate we are to be healthy and functioning. We have a friend who suddenly and very quickly lost his then-5-year-old sister to meningitis (suspected cause…the symptoms were high fever and vomitting). 5 years old…! I can’t even begin to imagine the pain parents go through with such a loss or illness. And so, I whisper a prayer everyday to keep us all safe.

When my kids’ fever subsided, it was happy dance time! To celebrate such a victorious moment for our bodies, we have a cold treat (pun intended)! After days of burn and sweat, we decided to have something cooling (in the middle of our Autumn’s first freezing rain, no less!).

I prepared an all-natural Fruit Tea Jelly for the little ones. This jelly is an excellent way to replenish all those lost fluids and nutrients during the fight, as well as to soothe the body into a calm state.

This Fruit Tea Jelly was made with an herbal infusion of golden Egyptian chamomile, South African Cape rooibos, hyssop, linden flowers, rose petals, safflower, and cyani flowers (No. 67 Meadow blend) from Steven Smith Teamakers of Portland, Oregon. This herbal “tea” is naturally caffeine-free, so it is safe for children.

Here’s the recipe below; however, you can use your personal choice of herbal infusion or tea to flavour the jelly.

Tea brands that I enjoy and recommend:
Steven Smith Teamaker (USA)
Kusmi Tea (Russia / France)
Mariage Frères (France)
TWG Tea (Singapore)

Keep safe and stay healthy this season!

Wondering what I did with the rest of our strawberries? I whipped up a batch of festive Strawberry Cheesecake cupcakes! Furthermore, this weekend, I’ll take you to a culinary journey through Spain and the Philippines with Pastel de Lengua – a savoury pie made with beef tongue! Gasp! Check in again and ’til then…

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