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Burnt Honey and Meyer Lemon Loaf

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Pork Loin in Cognac Sauce

Rich, silky and elegant, this Pork Loin in Cognac Sauce is the plot that can thaw the heart of the darkest, bleakest and most…

DSCF1884 ombre h

Ombré Layer Cake

Can’t wait for Spring, my northern hemisphere friends? Try bringing Spring back to your home with this cute little cake that I call the…


Carbonara Pasta

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. Everyone at home loves this dish. And *this* mama loves it the most because it’s so easy to…

DSCF1155 vanilla cookies h

Vanilla Cookies

So, first things first. Life happened. #1 – Those three kids I have to raise (and the husband, of course). #2 – That new(ish)…